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A Summer in the Stars

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Ralph Meyer
Ralph Meyer this song made my summer, so many awsome events, singing this on mlk or just hearing it. Thanks
Silberflügel I really love this song! It always makes me smile. Thank you so much for this awesome piece of work Forest!
Dorian Inman
Dorian Inman What can I say? Join The Herd turned me on to Forest Rain, and now I'm a huge fan. Keep making music Rain, you have such a talent for it!
Yijun Li
Fickle Wood
Nathaniel Hayes
Andrew Halverson
Frenzy Daze (Midnight)
SoanoS Barcoded
Matthew Cox
Collin Kincannon
Zian Choy
Eris Griffon
Gilberto Castillo
Luna Nightshade
Shipping Is Magic
Sam P
Emilia Starsong
Paul Vandiver
Jack Morton
Phanthamit Homchuen
Uriel Fontan Ladino
Oliver Yang
Azthral Feather
Leon Nexus
David Gianforte
Elvis Sanchez
Nimble Glance
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Cannabis topicals provide temporary, localized relief without the psychoactivity of internal consumption. Topical application of cannabis can help everything from arthritis and rheumatism, to chronic pain from multiple sclerosis, to injured or sore muscles and joints, sunburns, and skin inflammations. CBD and CBG are excellent for helping skin-deep conditions such as sunburns, rosacea, acne and psoriasis, while THC penetrates deeper into the tissue and is great for deeper inflammation such as sore joints or muscles.

Using a cannabis topical relieves pain in the moment but also reduces overall inflammation, allowing for faster healing of short-term injuries and longer-term pain relief for chronic conditions. Using cannabis topically is also unique in that cannabinoids cannot enter the bloodstream through the skin – thus, it will not provide a psychoactive effect nor will it show up on a drug test. The cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are present all throughout your body, including in the skin, nerve fibers, and hair follicles. These receptors are responsible for receiving the cannabinoids into the area – in this case, a very localized area.

I initially created this topical for my own chronic back pain, and when using consistently I found great relief from muscle tightness, muscle spasms, and joint pain. Walking, stretching, exercising, and everyday activity became less stressful on my body overall, improving my quality of life. I have since found many more uses for this – everything from sore shoulders to hip pain, skin irritations like sunburns and shallow scrapes (no open wounds), and even for rejuvenating a pair of sore feet at the end of a long day.

Creating your own topical is not only fun and cost-effective, but it is completely customizable as well! You can choose how much or how little cannabis to include, the balance of THC/CBD that you like best, and personalize your scent with essential oil blends. There are many other special additions you can make once you know what you like out of a topical, but we’ll get you started with a simple recipe that yields good consistency and potency.

Simple Topical Recipe:

Other gear you’ll need:

Yield: About 10-12 oz of product.


Once you have the technique of creating your own topical worked out, you can start to modify it; experiment with other carrier oils, essential oil blends, and oils infused with other healing herbs. Many other herbs have medicinal benefits and can be selected to create your own perfect blend, made specifically to your needs.

Happy medicine making!

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A blog about probability and olympiads by Dominic Yeo

Posted on by dominicyeo

I’ve been taking a TCC course this term on Brand New Unisex Sale Online Comfortable Vila Long Sleeved Tunic Women Pink 6OnfeqAKpn
, delivered via video link from Bristol by Julia Wolf. At some point once the dust of this term has settled, I might write some things about the ideas of the course I’ve found most interesting, in particular the tools of discrete Fourier analysis to get a hold on some useful combinatorial properties of subsets of for example.

For this post, I want to talk instead about a topic that was merely mentioned in passing, the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz. The majority of this post is based on Alon’s original paper, which can be found , and Chapter 9 of Tao and Vu’s book Additive Combinatorics . My aim is to motivate the theorem, give a proof, introduce one useful application from additive combinatorics, and solve Q6 from IMO 2007 as a direct corollary.

What does Nullstellensatz mean? Roughly speaking, it seems to mean ‘a theorem specifying the zeros’. We will be specifying the zeros of a polynomial. We are comfortable with how the zeros of a complex-valued polynomial of one variable behave. The number of zeros is given precisely by the degree of the polynomial (allowing appropriately for multiplicity). It is generally less clear how we might treat the zeros of a polynomial of many variables. The zero set is likely to be some surface, perhaps of dimension one less than the number of variables. In particular, it no longer really makes sense to talk about whether this set is finite or not. The Combinatorial Nullstellensatz gives us some control over the structure of this set of zeros.

The idea behind the generalisation is to view the River Island Womens floral high neck swing dress Buy Newest Cheap 2018 Unisex Get To Buy Cheap Price New Style Pay With Visa Sale Online pgODW
as a statement not about existence of roots, but rather about (combinatorial) existence of non-roots. That is, given a polynomial P(x) of degree n, for any choice of (n+1) complex numbers, at least one of them is not a root of P. This may look like a very weak statement in this context, where we only expect finitely many roots anyway, but in a multivariate setting it is much more intuitively powerful.

Recall that the degree of a monomial is given by the sum of the exponents of the variables present. So the degree of is 6. The degree of a polynomial is then given by the largest degree of a monomial in that polynomial. A polynomial over a field F with degree d might have lots of monomial terms of degree d. Suppose one of these monomials is , where . Then one version of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz asserts that whenever you take subsets of the base field with , then there is a point with such that .

In other words, you can’t have a box (ie product of sets) of dimension on which the polynomial is zero.

Unsurprisingly, the proof proceeds by induction on the number of variables. Alon’s result proceeds via a more general theorem giving information about the possibility of writing multinomial polynomials as linear combinations of polynomials in one variable.


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